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This DNR approved course satisfies all training requirements for Class A and B operators. In addition, this is the only operator training approved by PMMIC. We have already successfully trained over 1,500 individuals as Class A/B operators in the State of Iowa. Don’t miss this opportunity!

This course is a combined A/B operator training session. This means that you will be certified to operate as either or both classes with the completion of this course. This training will also include specific training instructions for Class C operators, as they can be trained by a certified Class A or B operator, therefore; Class C operators should NOT attend this course. Our classroom training will be very thorough, yet very understandable. This complete training package will include presentation, comprehensive review, examination and certification!

The training course is designed to take approximately 4 hours to complete. Class size will be limited at all locations. We must receive your registration to guarantee admission. This registration may only be used for one applicant per submittal. You may only indicate one course location per applicant. If you are the designated operator at multiple facilities, you would only need to attend one training course to receive your certificate to be eligible for operator designation at multiple facilities. In other words, only one training course is required no matter how many facilities you operate.

NOTE: Lunch will not be provided at this course, however refreshments will be provided during breaks throughout the course. Please make arrangements to eat before or after this course.


To register for any of the operator training courses being offered at this time, please follow the Instructions below. Please note that you will need to have an active e-mail account to complete this registration. The following page will ask for your personal information and your desired training date/location. Once you submit the registration, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration information. If you experience issues while filling out the form, please contact R&A Risk Professionals at +1 (515) 334-3010.


If you need to make changes to your information or registration, please contact R&A Risk Professionals at +1 (515) 334-3010.


R&A Risk Professionals has entered in a contract with the Iowa UST Fund (Fund) to provide UST Operator Training for operators of Iowa-based UST facilities at no cost.

If any of the following conditions apply, you agree to reimburse R&A Risk Professionals a fee of $100.00 USD:

  • you are NOT an operator at an Iowa facility,
  • you do NOT attend a class for which you have received a registration confirmation e-mail,
  • you do NOT provide information required by the Fund (including Iowa DNR UST Registration Number), or
  • you have previously attended an UST operator training course where reimbursement has been requested to the Fund.

Please contact R&A Risk Professionals at (515) 334-3010 for further payment details or questions.


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